Building Aptitude Through SERVING

At 新太阳城官网, every student has an opportunity to grow through doing and serving. With a vast number of teams, artistic productions, 俱乐部, all-school 活动, speakers and travel, this is a community where students dive in. Nowhere is this more evident than within the student body leadership. On the four-year journey from Freshman Orientation to Commencement, students are encouraged and engaged every day by their fellow students. This intentional peer-to-peer leadership model requires dedicated faculty and staff who know when to step in and when to allow students the space they need to make mistakes, 学习, 和成长.

“新太阳城官网 is the only place I could have found the ability to play varsity athletics, perform in the arts, serve in student government, excel in my classes, and actually stay in balance. There is always pressure, but that is part of being a teenager. 新太阳城官网 gives me perspective.”  – Sofia, Student Leader

Associated Student Government

The Associated Student Government (ASG) provides a voice for the student body across the departmental spectrum that is Student Life, allowing students to have a hand in shaping their experience while at 新太阳城官网 and beyond. The purpose of ASG is to serve as a bridge between the faculty, 政府, and student body by providing an organized system where students can be confident that their opinions and concerns will be addressed. Elected student leaders strive to provide the best experience for 新太阳城官网ns intellectually, 精神上, 和社会.  

Read more about Freshman elections in 狼邮报.

associated student government members

Every year ASG plans holiday festivities 和事件 including the ever-popular Ugly Sweater Party.


The 多样性委员会 represents and educates students on the large swath of backgrounds and experiences present, not only within the 新太阳城官网 community but the world at large. Its purpose is to provide spaces for students across different personalities, 身份, cultural backgrounds, and faith traditions, to be seen and represented. Through group meetings, 活动, 和事件, the council provides opportunities for discussion, 理解, and shared experiences—always honoring our unique differences while celebrating what unites us.

diversity council members


Student 大使 are responsible for representing 新太阳城官网 to prospective families by sharing their involvement in a variety of academic departments and co-curricular opportunities. The student representatives commit to attending training opportunities and several admissions events throughout the year. 大使 enjoy getting to know families at events and help to answer questions about the school and their personal experiences within our school community. 

ambassadors members


The 新太阳城官网 Mentor program matches 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students with incoming 9th grade and transfer students. By deciding to be a mentor, our students understand that it is difficult to transition to a new school no matter what the grade level. Our mentors are dedicated, empathetic, and genuine. The Mentor Program hosts events such as lunches and holiday-themed 活动 throughout the school year. The mentors consistently check in with their mentees through text, 电子邮件, 或者亲自去, and provide academic, 社会, and/or emotional support.

mentor participants


新太阳城官网 offers a variety of 俱乐部 and 活动 in which students may participate that are designed to enhance their intellectual, 精神上的, 物理, 以及社交技巧. Students are encouraged to initiate 俱乐部 through the Associated Student Government and are supported by staff sponsors. Every year new 俱乐部 emerge as 新太阳城官网ns pursue their passions with those of like-minded interests, while time-tested 俱乐部 continue year after year. Once student 俱乐部 are approved through ASG, they can apply for student funding as well as a time slot in the lunchtime or afterschool schedule.